Roof Inspections

1. Cheaper than scaffolding

2. Saves time

3. High resolution Photographs

4. High resolution videos

5. Create 3D models with centimeter accuracy

6. Photographic record

7. Access hard to reach areas


Church roof scaffolding cost £9,500 vs Drone Inspection £695, saving £8,805
Our state of the art UAV equipment allow us to manoeuvre close to buildings and into awkward and what used to be risky positions in the past. Allowing us to Survey Aerial locations at a low cost. By saving you the need to erect expensive scaffolding etc.

I am a trained and licensed pilot, I use the latest high resolution cameras to ensure a professional service. We supply High resolution Photos as well as HD/4k videos supplied digitally.
Prices start from as little as £395 for the inspection and the images/videos.
Saves time and money.

roof inspection