Tunnel Inspections with our bespoke drone cage from dronecages.co.uk

We can now inspect anywhere!
The use of a drone cage allows the drone to get incredibly close to the subject to give a great deal of detail in the form of video and photos. The drone, with the cage, can access those hard to get areas and get right into those gaps which previously would not have been safe to fly.
If the drone cage comes into contact with the wall or ceiling it simpy bumps its way along without damage to the drone or the wall/ceiling etc..

We have completed bridge inspections and tunnel inspections with our new equipment. Here is just a snippet of the video…

New equipment

We have just purchased some new equipment which means out photography, video, surveys and 3D models are of the highest quality. Detail is key and particularly with 3D models as accuracy is very important. Look at the detail in this Photo from one of our Drones

Drones in Construction
Drones in Construction

Drone Photography

We have been busy with a variety of different Drone jobs recently. It still amazes me the uses that the drone has. From Flying in underground restaurants, Flying over building sites, flying through conference centres are just a few of the things we do. If you would like to find out more about what we do and How we can benefit your business, drop me a message on mark@markzaccariaphotography.co.uk and we’ll take it from there.

More photos and videos soon!
Mark Zaccaria

Exciting news!!

We recently took delivery of our new drone! As well as upto 4k video, we can now do even higher resolution stills!. We are now able to print photos much larger than before and we are currently doing some work for some very large prints!

Exciting Announcement!!

We have been silently working in the wings whilst we prepare for our exciting new product! We can now offer INTERACTIVE 3D MODELS created from hundreds of aerial photographs taken by a drone. This can be used on a variety of different subjects.
I fly the drone and take several hundred photographs and stitch them all together to create a 3D model which can be embedded in your website. Here is a quick demo.. Click here

My Aerial Photo in the papers

Out of over 1000 entries to the #400ftbritain competition, one on my entries was chosen to appear in the Mirror, The Sun and the Mail online newspapers. We are really excited about this – mine is Wroxall Abbey

The Mail online

The Mirror

The Sun